Saturday, November 22, 2014

Not a Happy Post

 They say the first step in fixing a problem or addiction is to admit you have a problem. I have a relationship problem with food. I can justify any sweet treat in my life...other foods no problem I like fruits and veggies better than McDonalds and pizza any way and have for a couple of years now. The problem I deal with now is sugar. I use to say that it was fine I can eat cookies, pie, and cake every day because i was training for a half or a 15K or whatever. Now I am train for Ragnar starting on Monday and I really want to get faster and I truly believe that if I loose a few pounds and trim down a little bit it will help. I was running my best when I was 10lbs lighter I wasn't a speed demand by any means but I was running a 12:30-11:30 minute mile and now I am running a 14:00-13:00 minute mile.

I am not sure how to kick this sugar problem. I have tried to do 30 day detoxes of no sugar, the first week no meat, no dairy, no bread, strictly fruits, veggies, nuts, and anything that comes from the earth. Week 2 you could add back in meat. Week 3 add back in small amounts of dairy. Week 4 add back in bread if you want. All of the adding back in is optional, however processed sugar and sweets are always off limits. I tend to turn to sweets when things go bad, things go well, things are boring, and things are just normal. I eat them all the time.

I want to make my team proud of me and I want to be proud of me. I want to perform to the best of my ability and to know I have trained my best and my hardest and have given it everything I've got. I am working on a plan to make this better to make this happen, to make me the best me I can be. The best person, the best runner, the best friend, the best girlfriend I can be. When you feel good about yourself that confidence is felt by others.

75 Days till Ragnar!

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